It's All In The Crust

Our local bakery in Tyler, TX brings passion to traditional pies.
The bakers at Just Pies focus on making the best pies even better! We use only fresh ingredients from our neighborhood stores and vendors. Our family grew up baking with our mom, our Mamaw, and our Aunt Bev. We learned from the best and wish to share these pies with you!
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Just Like Grandma's

Pies made from scratch
We're a local pie company that's family-owned and -operated. Our tried and true pie recipes have been bringing joy to our customers for over 50 years. Pie is our calling, and we've dedicated our lives to upholding our family's baking standards with our made-to-order pies.

As the only local bakery in Tyler, TX that focuses exclusively on pies, we work hard to surprise you with each order. Delicious and showstopping pies matter to us, and we want you to be amazed with each bite.
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Pumpkin Pie

A local bakery that's putting a twist on family tradition

Strawberries and Cream Pie
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About Us

Just Pies is here in Tyler, Texas
Denise Weaver has always had a passion for baking pies. As a girl, she felt most at home in the kitchen, learning to bake with the wonderful women in her family. Those childhood recipes have been refined and perfected by three generations of women who have a passion for baking their best into the Delicious Pies we serve today.

Just Pies is here in Tyler, and we are excited to bring our pies to your gatherings. Swing by Our Shop to meet us in person and try some of our famous treats!
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2970 Old Henderson Highway, Tyler, Texas 75707
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Tue-Fri: 11am-6pm
Sat: 11am-5pm
Phone Hours: 9am-5pm (Tue-Sat)
Closed Sun-Mon
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