About Us

Our Joy

Here at Just Pies we focus on making the best! We use only fresh local ingredients from our neighborhood stores. Just like my Grandma and Aunt Bev did!

Every day baking fresh homemade pies is not just what we do!

It is a calling! It is our passion!

Tammy Harden has always had a passion for baking pies. As a girl, she felt most at home in the kitchen, learning to bake with the wonderful women in her family. Those childhood recipes have been refined and perfected by three generations of women who have a passion for baking their best into the Delicious Pies we serve today.

As an adult, Tammy married a wonderful man and jumped into the professional world, but her dream of owning a pie shop lived on.The timing is finally right and her dream has become a reality!

Just Pies is here in Tyler, and we are excited to bring our pies to your gatherings. Swing by Our Shop to meet us in person and try some of our famous treats!